• Keeping the Grass Greener

    From golf courses, residential and commercial landscapes to resorts, hospitals and sports fields, the Turf Company provides end-to-end solutions designed around the exacting standards of the industry.
  • Turf’s Up!

    Behind verdant and vibrant surroundings is an efficient irrigation system, a core expertise The Turf has perfected over the years.
  • In the Swing of Things

    Effective style of management, diverse product portfolio, and robust client relationships have sealed the company’s status as a market leader in turf management and product distribution.
  • Worry-free Maintenance and Care

    We only use genuine parts and supplies to ensure optimum performance and good running condition of all our products.
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The Turf Company | Golf Course Maintenance | Irrigation System

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Products We Carry

By understanding the needs of the market, our company have put together a portfolio of top quality products that deliver outstanding performance and maximum productivity to help businesses succeed.

Services We Offer

When it comes to service, customer satisfaction, security, comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Irrigation System Design    |    Parts and Supplies    |    Integration and Installation    |    Maintenance and Support


Our company is not just about sales and accomplishments, but also about building and nurturing relationships with our clients. At Turf, we make sure that our support is consistent all throughout a project – be it in the form of after-sales service, technical know-how, and even competitive pricing to help clients achieve their business goals. Most of all, when competition is intense, showing clients that we are the better organized group gives our company the business edge.

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Updates & Blogs

Learn about the latest projects and techniques as well as recent news with these informative articles and posts.